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Ila organic facial

Starting with a blissful leg and foot scrub and using  ancient indian marma techniques,  this divine, peaceful and most relaxing facial therapy nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates, restoring natural luminance and totally pampering your skin.

1 ¼ hours      £78.00


pregnancy hydrotherm

The ultimate in relaxation right through your pregnancy. The comforting support of warm water filled cushions enables you to have a profoundly relaxing and beneficial massage, that eases the physical and emotional stresses and strains before and after pregnancy. A  Hydrotherm treatment revitalises and improves skin and muscle tone throughout the body, improving blood flow and cutting down fluid retention – wonderfully soothing for your baby too!

1 ¼ hours      £58.00

reboot pregnancy foot and leg treatment

Take the weight and dry skin off your feet and enjoy a wonderfully energizing and exfoliating  foot and leg treatment, using NEOM great day organic oil and sugar scrub, followed by a skin nourishing  massage again using mood lifting neom oils  including wild mint and mandarin.  This treatment is just what those pregnant feet need!

25 mins  £25.00 

maternity reflexology

Reflexology is an ideal drug-free  Treatment for preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Used by a skilled practitioner it is safe and can be used effectively alongside orthodox care. Reflexology works by balancing all the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place, balancing the hormones and stimulating the reproductive organs. During pregnancy it can help with relief of complaints such as backache, swollen/puffy ankles, cramp, constipation. Reflexology is also used to encourage labour by stimulating the release of hormones and can even be used during birth to help keep the body calm and relaxed. Once the baby has arrived reflexology can help the mother to increase her energy levels, rebalance her body and can be used to help prevent and treat postnatal depression. Such an Approach provides flexible and tailored healthcare, which allows each woman to be in control of her own experience and follow her own body’s needs.

1¼ HOURS £58.00

lavender babies massage lessons


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