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Lavender Beauty



We now offer Lycon™ precision waxing

Lycon™ is a world leader in quality waxes, using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. Lycon™ delivers superior performance, removing stubborn, short hair with minimum discomfort, whilst at the same time offering low temperature, super pliable, gentle waxes that are practically pain free and particularly appropriate for intimate areas.

underarm wax  £20.00

basic bikini wax  £25.00

Enhanced bikini wax  £30.00

brazilian wax (thin strip)  £36.00

hollywood wax (all)  £40.00

face wax  £22.00

Lip or chin wax  £12.00

Lip and chin wax  £18.00

outback organics is an organic tea tree strip wax, incorporating the very finest australian tea tree oil

Upper half leg wax  £25.00

Lower Half leg wax  £22.00

Three quarter leg wax  £30.00

Full leg wax  £38.00

full arm wax  £22.00

Half arm wax  £16.00

underarm wax  £15.00

basic bikini wax  £20.00

Lip or chin wax   £12.00

Lip and chin wax  £18.00



Eyelash tint  £20.00

Eyebrow tint  £18.00

Eyebrow tint and shape  £28.00

Eyelash and brow tint  £32.00

Eyebrow shape  £18.00


lvl Lash lift – this amazing natural semi-permanent treatment will add length, volume and lift to your own lashes, with no worries of lashes falling out and leaving gaps, and creating the look of longer, fuller, more youthful lashes. The final eyelash tint will create extra depth.

please do not wear any waterproof mascara for 24 hours before treatment, or wear any mascara on the day.


Lash lift and tint    75 mins  £68.00


Lash lifts and tinting require a patch test to be carried out at least 24 hours prior to treatment


Our eyes are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. These specially contoured patches target the under eye area, crows feet and fine lines by exfoliating and hydrating at the same time.  They will brighten the skin, even tone and texture, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

This is available as a stand alone treatment (pro eye flash) or is incorporated into a super proskin facial or pro power peel.


Pro eye flash - 20 minute treatment £30.00

 recommended one a week for three weeks


pro power eye peel taken with an advanced facial or pro power peel £30


lash lifts, tinting and peels require a patch test to be carried out 48 hours before treatment.




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