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Are you struggling with low energy, poor sleep, brain fog or hormonal issues? 

Or perhaps you've not felt your best for a while but you're not sure what to do?


Our resident Nutritional Therapist, Sam Varriale can help. She works with women of all ages to improve their health and get their spark back.


Using a blend of nutrition, lifestyle changes, high quality supplements and testing (if required), Nutritional Therapy can be beneficial for a range of health concerns including:

  • Low energy, Thyroid conditions, ME/CFS/Post viral fatigue/Post Covid

  • Digestive issues including IBS & food sensitivities

  • Hormone balance, Perimenopause & Menopause

  • Emotional health

  • Skin health from the inside

  • Bone health

  • Weight loss 

  • Healthy eating

  • Healthy ageing

Appointments are available face-to-face at Lavender Therapies or online via Zoom if you prefer.

Prices start at £425 for a 3-appointment package, and you can book a FREE discovery call with Sam to discuss your concerns and the level of support you need. 

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